Thursday, April 16, 2009

When Water Subconsciously Felt Air Was The One (Part 2)

...She started withdrawing and tunelessly humming to soothe the journey within...

Right then he came to her, in an orgy of pre-cognition, spared no moment to decide and asked if she wanted to explore. Unwillingly, her tongue dropped, numbed into affirmation; her feet sprang, embodied the satyr while her bewildered self looked on. A silent leering went between them as they skipped over stones, jumped off boulders, and wadded through shallow pools. In an almost Crusoe-ish discovery, they found a miniature water cascade falling, sounding like the coquetry of amourous lionesses, tucked inside a small cave. When Naina shyly mentioned it would be great to feel the water fall on her shoulders, Rob just took hold of her hands and helped across the slippery moss floor.

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