Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Grill House

On a lighter note, had a fabulous dinner at The Grill House (the one next to The Park) and broke my resolution of staying away from red meat. It was all done for the greater good of my friend who had a sudden craving for steak. Alright, just before you judge me, let me add that my friend is a beef hating, non-steak person. Therefore, this sudden craving had to be given it due attention. Besides, we had to head towards town to drop off our rent cheques. Dang! that's the only unhappy blip on the radar right now.

Nevertheless, I suggest the Grill House for the perfect steak. A grill house can't do a steak wrong (or so we thought) and besides the restaurant seemed to have some good reviews. So off we went.

The restaurant sits down the road from Taj Residency and The Park just before the turn towards Ulsoor lake. It's smallish inside and can get quickly crowded, so I suggest you reserve a table in advance. It's cosy inside and the service is friendly. Despite reaching the restaurant late and being the only women customers didn't make it uncomfortable for us at all. We marvelled at that since our only-women experiences have been without some mishaps. TGIF anyone?

The food was everything and more than we expected. I must admit that I have not eaten better steaks in Bangalore than at The Grill House. Succulent meat perfectly marinated

I ordered the Pepper Garlic Steak, medium rare while my friend order the Mexican Mardi Gras Steak, medium well done. We ordered Lemon and Peach Iced Teas to go with it, though instead of the lemon they brought the strawberry.

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